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 Cabbage Throw Farm

Farming in Partnership with Comeback Farm


Comeback Farm

Mark Canright aka "The Mad Farmer"

Mark Canright is a second generation farmer. His father, the legendary Farmer John of Warren Township, was allegedly the first organic grower in the state of New Jersey in 1974. Mark's energy and passion for farming is highly contagious and inspires all who know him to sow and reap a more spirited life. Some of Mark's favorite crops include fourth of July potatoes (red, white and blue varieties), summer melons and sweet potatoes.


About Our Farm

Founded in 2018 in partnership with Comeback Farm, Cabbage Throw Farm is a 1-acre market garden located in NJ’s fertile Musconetcong River Valley. Proprietors Dean and Emily are young farmers who carry a strong environmental ethic and practice minimum and shallow tillage in order to preserve the soil’s natural structure and inherent fertility.  Cabbage Throw is certified organic by the New Jersey Department of Agriculture.


Dean Buttacavoli

Market Gardener

Dean's love for growing began in college and grew as he taught a team of Camden teens how to farm, beekeep and make hot sauce. After working for the non-profit program for two years, he began his journey to branch out as a young market gardener and young business owner. Dean farms to improve soil health and provide fresh, nutritious produce to local communities and restauarants.

Emily Stocker

Market Gardener

Emily is a former restaurant and farmstand manager.  She has always had a passion for food but getting her hands in the dirt has inspired new goals and reinforced old aspirations, including growing food and starting a business. While Emily enjoys learning the ins and outs of vegetable farmings, her creative energy shines in the kitchen when preparing farm fresh meals, working with local restaurants and finding bumper crop solutions, such as preserving, fermenting, and donating farm surplus to hunger relief organizations.

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Basil Blaze

Farm Guardian

Basil better known as Blaze, round these parts, is the watch dog of the gardens. She enjoys burying Farmer Mark's sweet corn, sniffing out fresh rabbit trails, and laying under the shade of the sunflowers.


New Jersey, USA

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